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Carrara Series Ceramic Tiles

Carrara Series Ceramic Tiles

  Famous stone, the quarry is located in the foothills of the mountain in a border in the northwest of Felipe Carion River, east of La Spezia, 5 kilometers west of Liguria sea The world’s high-end high-quality marble, white, light green and beige color, is a good statue and building materials. From Michelangelo to H. Moore are using this marble carving.

  Cara La series of products color white, whole body white, pure texture, with crystal, snow, transparent features, fresh and natural, doubly distinguished.

Carrara ceramic tiles

Carrara series tile

Two kinds of surface: shimmer, high light
Two specifications: 600X1200,600X600
Theme style: original stone

Product Aspect:
   ☑ texture natural and elegant, after the design details more natural than natural charm
   ☑ multi-pattern changes large, large texture harmony and comfort
   ☑ The color is clean and no variegated

Porcelain floor tile

Two colors, pure beauty:

Carrara wall tileCarrara marble tile

Applicable space:
☑ Home space

☑ Public commercial space

☑ Personal culture clubhouse

☑ High-end hotel

☑ Outdoor space

Marble floor tile porcelain thin tile porcelain tile look like marble Carrara thin tile