Full-Body Ceramic tiles – Mars stone Series

                                  MARS STONE

The introduction of Italy’s top glaze, accurate control of the amount of glaze, color gradient natural, color fastness is higher, exquisite, keep the brick surface bright and not dim. At the same time, the antifouling property is very good. The average value of water absorption is lower than the national standard 0.5, and the density is higher.

     Surface:Rock | Polished | Natural

    General Specification(mm):600 x 600 x 10

fullbody tiles

Product Advantage

Full body(homogeneity ) | Superposition of colored aggregated particles | Accurate control of uniform material 

  MARS STONE have rough and colorful spots make the surface texture is delicate, soft and easy to use with different colors.

Space effect

tiles picture

homogeneity tiles

homogeneous ceramic tile

beige homogeneous porcelain tiles

Dark grey tiles Light grey tiles

Product Catalog


TF1601 TF1602 TF1603 TF1604 TF1605 TF1606TF1607

TF1601      TF1602     TF1603      TF1604      TF1605      TF1606     TF0607


ATF1601 ATF1602 ATF1603 ATF1604 ATF1605 ATF1606 ATF1607
ATF1601   ATF1602   ATF1603   ATF1604    ATF1605  ATF1606   ATF1607


PTF1601 PTF1602 PTF1603 PTF1604 PTF1605 PTF1606 PTF1607

PTF1601    PTF1602   PTF1603   PTF1604    PTF1605   PTF1606   PTF1607