How to maintain tiles?

Realres Tiles will vary depending on the surface texture and soil load.

Generally, the cleaning should be performed by;
1. Sweeping or vacuuming to remove loose soil, sand or dirt contaminants.
2. Use damp mop with clean water.
3. Depending on the soil load, extra cleaning process may be required by using a neutral cleaner or a general household cleaner then followed by a thorough rinse.

There are five critical steps and should always be remembered for the successful maintenance of porcelain tiles;

1. All spills should be cleaned as quickly as possible.
2. Use only the recommended detergent and the dilution proportions advised.

3. Allow proper dwelling of the detergent solution to act on the soil load. Generally, 5 to 10 minutes is sufficient.
4. Scrub with a nylon pad or bristle brush.
5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, clear water to remove the dirty detergent solution and emulsified soil.