Difference Between Porcelain And Ceramic Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tile are almost the same, with just a slight difference. Let us dig a little deeper into the differences before you make the huge irreversible installation of tiles in any of your space.

Porcelain tiles are made from denser and finer clay and are fired at very high temperatures whereas ceramic tiles are generally made from mixtures of red and white clay and are finished with a durable glaze, which carry the colour and pattern of the finished tiles.

Attributed to its manufacturing and finishing, porcelain tiles are not prone to wear and chipping as compared to ceramic tiles. It is tougher and difficult to cut porcelain tiles compared to ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles resist scratches and stains, and is more robust and durable as compared to ceramic tiles. Nevertheless, ceramic tiles are usually suitable for very light to moderate traffic whereas porcelain tiles are suitable for light to the heaviest of traffic.

Ceramic Tiles versus Porcelain Tiles

  Ceramic Tiles Porcelain Tiles
Natural Properties Mixtures of red and white clay. Less refined and not purified. Denser and finer clay. More refined and purified.
Colour Baked on top only. Runs through the whole tile, from top to bottom.
• Durability
• Scratch resistant
• Stains resistant
• Hardness
Less Durable
Gets scratched easily
Absorbs moisture and stains stay easily.
Softer body. Easier to cut.
Suitable for very light to moderate traffic.
More robust and durable
Scratch resistant
Denser, less likely to absorb moisture and stains resistant.
Hard Body. Requires proper equipment and professional to cut.
Suitable for light to the heaviest traffic.
Uses Walls. Versatile; Can be used for walls and floors, indoors and outdoors.
Maintenance Requires more care and time to maintain. Easily cleaned with soap and water.