The difference between matt and bright light tiles

Let’s firstly take a look at the characteristics of matte and bright light tiles by doing some analysis.

  • Just like glazed tiles, matt tiles and light tiles have the same characteristics. Some of these are its attractive and glazed colors, complete specifications, various decorative styles, as well as features such as antifouling impervious, which makes it to be widely used in wall decoration. The major difference between the matt tiles and the bright light tiles is the difference in gloss. The light reflectivity of the matt tiles is low, hence, there is no possibility of “light pollution”. On the other hand, the light reflectivity of the bright light tiles is high. Also, the tiles surface of the matt tiles is smooth and generous, while the tiles surface of the bright light tiles is smooth and delicate.

Secondly, taking a look at the analysis of the decorative effect of matt tiles and bright light tiles.

  • It is discovered that the overall feeling of the matte tiles decoration effect is introverted, quiet and simple, while that of the bright light tiles is colorful, active and fashionable. Now, the kind of glossy tile to choose depends on the decorative needs and preferences of the owner. For example, in wall decoration, some prefer the simple, introverted glazed matt wall tiles. This is due to the fact that this tile has a chic and classical decoration that meets the standards of people’s elegant taste. Some on the other hand prefer the glossy bright light tiles with shiny glazed wall tiles owing to how fashionable it appears. 

Thirdly, looking at the scope of application of matt tiles and bright light tiles analysis

  • In the end, the type of tiles used is not of great importance, but the most important point is the appropriate tile to be used in a particular area. Let’s take a look at what their respective scope of application is.
  • When glazed tiles are used in home kitchens and balconies, matt tiles are generally used for floor coverings, while light tiles are used for wall coverings. why?  This is because of the dampness in many places, hence, waterproof slip is important to avoid accidents. Therefore, the matt glazed tiles are suitable for the wide spreading of indoor and outdoor surfaces owing to its slippery nature. The glossy tiles are easier to clean, and stains can be easily removed by wiping them with a cloth. Also, they are waterproof and can withstand water splashes without being easily damaged. Because the light reflectivity of the bright light tiles is higher, it is more suitable for use in the dark space to enhance the brightness of the light and make the room more open and bright.

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