Non Slip Outdoor Building Material Tile

Advantage 1

Wear-resistant;Due to the high quality glaze ,completely protect the surface,thus the ability of anti pollution is very strong.Acid resistance and wear resistance, hardness can be compared with quartzite

Advantage 2

Full body porcelain glazed tile,free trimming and cutting edge.

Random pattern of the surface.So it’s suitable for all kinds of engineering and outdoor wall and floor paving.

Advantage 3

Using HD advanced inkjet technology, remark the texture of the nature stone.

Name 20mm Outdoor tile
Item No. B60C0602-20
Material Full Body Porcelain
Surface MATT
Size 600x600mm,600x1200mm
Thickness 20mm
Color beige
Water absorption 0.50%
Usage interior or outdoor floor ,such as Supermarket, plaza,kitchen, balcony, toilet, lavatory, terrace, washing room, parking lots, garage, patio, Basement, Garden, Laundry, hospital, school, etc.

1.10X10mm Simple for free.

2.Color and texture of tiles is unnifrom throughout

3.Strong & durable -thus highly suitable for commerical areas

4.Also suitable for residential floor and wall use.

5.Environmentally friend

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