homogeneous matt porcelain floor tiles price

Product parameters
Name Full body tiles
Material Porcelain
Size 600x600mm,300x600mm,300x300mm
Thickness 10mm
color Light Grey / Grey / Dark Grey / Black / Beige
Water absorption 0.50%
Usage interior or outdoor floor ,such as Supermarket, plaza,kitchen, balcony, toilet, lavatory, terrace, washing room, parking lots, garage, patio, Basement, Garden, Laundry, hospital, school, etc.
Sizes Pcs/Ctn SQM/Ctn SQM/Plt Ctns/Plt Kg/Plt
600x600mm 4 1.44 57.6 40 1240
300x600mm 8 1.44 57.6 40 1240
300x300mm 11 0.99 65.34 66 1406


Item No:ATH66A3-1

Item No:ATH66A4-1

Item No:ATH66A5-1

Item No:ATH66A6-1

Item No:ATH66A7-1

Item No:TH66A3

Item No:TH66A4

Item No:TH66A5

Item No:TH66A6

Item No:TH66A7

homogeneous matt porcelain floor tiles price

  • COMET STONE is designed to set creativity free and to integrate into any space.
  • Its versatility makes it ideal for floors and wall as well as for commercial and residential areas created to be welcoming and modern.
  • Homogeneous Matt porcelain floor tiles available in 4 colours and 2 surface, the rang of floorings and coverings is complete and versatile, and makes it possible to cover the surfaces of all areas in the house,from the living room to the bathroom and kitchen.
  • Homogeneous tiles prices Creates a continuous dialogue between environments by virtue of a material that plays the leading role.
beige Matt porcelain floor and wall tile

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