A new era of outdoor building materials, Realgres 20mm outdoor tile

For the building, the facade is its outer garment, and its quality is an important factor in measuring the value of the building itself. As the peripheral structure of the building, the curtain wall has a huge impact on the facade of the building. Its design form and color are an important part of attracting people’s attention.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

The surrounding landscape is the finishing touch for the building. Small tiles and a green plant can affect the overall coordination. Therefore, in the design, we must choose high-quality building materials, through the rational use and combination of materials, the design of the building and landscape is more perfect, to meet people’s aesthetic needs.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

In the modern building decoration materials market, the products used for outdoor building materials are more and more diverse, all have their own unique advantages, but there are also many problems in use.

The application of stone gives a solemn and simple sense of solidity, but because the stone is a non-renewable resource, the transitional mining leads to the fading of many stone resources; the metal exerts its good ductility and meets the designer’s complex and irregular shape. The structural requirements, but the metal’s resistance to deformation is poor, in terms of fixing, sealing, etc., it takes more manpower and material resources; glass, by virtue of its permeability, increases the indoor lighting effect, but it is easy to cause light pollution, and often There are security risks…

New materials for outdoor architecture – 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

Some people would like to ask, is it possible to find a material that can meet the requirements of environmental protection, and is convenient, safe and durable?

In response to such demand, 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles appeared on the market.

20mm outdoor porcelain tile is an environmentally-friendly product made of renewable resources, is different from ordinary masonry which has been deeply improved in terms of wear resistance and load-bearing. It can be laid on the facade of the building through curtain wall dry hanging technology and also possible to lay a public space floor with a large flow of people to solve the problem of ground wear resistance.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

Compared to other materials, 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles are a new type of product. In 2009, the outdoor market at that time was still the world of stone. At this time, the 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles successfully entered the market with the advantages of wear and maintenance.

Up to now, we have developed three thickness 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles, which are 10mm and 20mm, which meet the indoor and outdoor holistic styles.

Speaking of this, you may ask, what are the differences between the two tiles, except for the thickness?

Simply put, tile of different thicknesses have different pressure resistance and different places for paving.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

Excellent wear resistance and pressure resistance

The 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles wear resistance and pressure resistance, Breaking strength of 9000N, which perfectly solves the problem of ground wear in public space with large traffic volume.

1.In general areas of pedestrians and bicycles, such as gardens, balconies, etc.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

2.Garages that occasionally have cars, light vehicles, and motorcycles entering and exiting, as well as occasional use of pedestrian areas, transport vehicles, and emergency vehicles.

3.In addition, the surface has a special texture, which has perfect anti-slip effect and can be used in the surrounding area of the pool, restaurant terrace, etc.

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles

4.At the same time, through the dry hanging technology, it can be laid on the outer wall of the building.

Destructive load values (recommended) under different application scenarios, CE, EN 1341:2001, as follows:

20mm outdoor porcelain tiles


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