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The All Ceramic Space Of Large Format Tiles

Realgres large format ceramic tiles, accumulated years of experience in panel research and development, independent research and development of formula technology , to create a 2400 × 1200mm large-size dry-press porcelain slab. The product uses precious stone simulation design to reproduce the natural stone color texture, and the surface texture is rarely comparable. With all-in-one […]

What is a thin tile?

  The thin tile is a plate-shaped ceramic product made of kaolin clay and other inorganic non-metal materials, and is produced by a high-temperature calcination process at 1200oC. Compared to the current ordinary ceramic tile products, the amount of ceramic materials per unit area is more than doubled. This not only saves raw material resources, […]


In recent two years, 600X1200MM specification tiles have been expanding rapidly in the terminal market, leading to the trend of consumption in the terminal market. Why is the 600X1200MM specification so popular? We try to take REALGRES 1200X600MM specifications as an example to explore the advantages of the specification, texture, application, and scope of use, […]

Why so many people choose The Full Body Marble Tile

Marble tiles are used extensively in decoration, and many people use it when decorating the walls. In order to meet people’s increasing home improvement requirements, Full Body marble tiles have been introduced on the market. After the launch of the Book of Changes, they were sought after by many owners. How about the full body […]

2cm Thick Porcelain Tiles – Porcelain Pavers Tiles

2cm Porcelain Tiles becomes more and more popular trend to decor some special space that for garden, patios,swimming pool which is called “Porcelain Pavers”. In Fact, 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Tile are very easy to install, easy to clean,look very architecture that we have now added a substantial range of beautiful Outdoor Patio Tiles. To be frankly,we […]


“To find elegant marble stone, you must go to the Carrara marble mining area in Italy.” In the world of stone, Calacatta has long been famous, originating in Carrara, Italy. The unique geographical environment gives it birthright perfection. Its pure whiteness and holiness make people feel quiet. Natural and smooth texture gives life and vitality. […]

Why should we use soft polished tile?

There was an investigation held between 200 home decoration designers and 80 senior real estate owners about subject – what do they think of honed finished tile. 80% of interviewees approve of this newly trend. As the way they see it, high glossy tiles might cause excessive visual stimulation which lead to oppressive senses. On […]

Full-Body Ceramic tiles – Mars stone Series

                                  MARS STONE The introduction of Italy’s top glaze, accurate control of the amount of glaze, color gradient natural, color fastness is higher, exquisite, keep the brick surface bright and not dim. At the same time, the antifouling property […]

Unique-homogeneous terrazzo tiles

Drawing inspiration from traditional terrazzo in Italy and integrating fashion elements with modern production technology and unique all-through body technology, the design and performance of traditional terrazzo has been greatly improved. The unique product charm of terrazzo rejuvenates the modern space decoration Rich design element. A series of terrazzo Light Grey Golden Yellow Medium Grey […]