glossy white carrara tile ceramic


  • “To find elegant marble stone, you must go to the Carrara marble mining area in Italy.”
  • In the world of stone, Calacatta has long been famous, originating in Carrara, Italy.
  • The unique geographical environment gives it birthright perfection.
  • Its pure whiteness and holiness make people feel quiet. Natural and smooth texture gives life and vitality.
  • While porcelain tiles also can not wait to follow the beauty of nature.Extracting and applying the beauty of Calacatta…

  • A glimpse into the corner of the living room, first saw the space elegant and modest, low-key reserved and unassuming.
  • The calm atmosphere of the snow from the world is complemented by the literary sense of the wood.
  • The Calacatta porcelain white tile makes the space more transparent, and plays a brightening role.
  • It breaks the inherent boring sense of the log, and the overall space presents a combination of warmth and warmth.
  • Different shades of visual effects.


  • Its beauty is comparable to that of white jade, and for the Calacatta porcelain tile, the rich lines also form a landscape. Calacatta porcelain tiles combine the beauty of the two.
  • The stone phase is pure white with gold thread, soft and warm colors.
  • Elegant and luxurious texture, elegant and flowing lines make the entire space more pure and fashionable, which is in line with urban young people’s pursuit of modern and simple life.


Calacatta Porcelain Tile
Size: 600x600mm, 800x800mm, (24x24in, 32x32in)
Decorative style: simple, modern style
Features: Pure white, inlaid with pure gray, natural texture.
Applications: Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office building, hotel, real estate, etc.

Everyone has a different understanding and understanding of tiles. Some people say that this is a kind of home experience; some people say that this is an emotional sustenance; others say that this is a statement of life’s taste…


High-end Calacatta Design Porcelain Tiles Glossy Surface / Matt Surface
600x1200mm, 900x1800mm, 24x47in, 36x71in, Big Slab

  1. Inspired by the small town of Como in the southern part of the Italian Alps, the seasons are distinctly clear.
  2. Every winter snowfall, white snow covers the town, giving it a secluded atmosphere.
  3. Snowflakes, mountains and trees intertwine to form a fairy-tale scene.


  • In each creation, Calacatta is constantly labeled as a sacred image.
  • It is a fairy in the pure white field. The spiritual light of life is manifested in this region of Carrara.
  • At the same time, it also takes into account the artistry. From Michelangelo to H. Moore, they chose to carve stone carvings in Calacatta.
  • With the works “David” and “Venus” as representatives, from the day it was discovered, the Venus statue was recognized as the most beautiful statue of a female statue so far; and David is also known as the Western Fine Arts.
  • One of the most proud male body statues in history. From the texture lines of the statues to the use of colors, the vitality of nature has been infused into them.


Textures of Calacatta porcelain tiles, like its evolution over the millennium, awakens people’s desire for nature among textures.
Calacatta’s style is the black and white gray of the fashion circle. Textured white brick surface smooth texture, just like an abstract freehand drawing. The combination of three colors, black, white and gray, dominates the fashion world with its fashionable and versatile features.

Calacatta Marble Mosaic
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Sometimes elegant, sometimes romantic, sometimes European, sometimes East, a variety of styles of interaction is her definition. In many areas can reflect her different shadows, in the hotel place, Calacatta express rare luxury style; In the home space, Calacatta dresses with the warmth and romance of simplicity and style.
The beautiful scenery can also be at home, choose Calacatta porcelain tiles, put the Italian style home!