The All Ceramic Space Of Large Format Tiles

Realgres large format ceramic tiles, accumulated years of experience in panel research and development, independent research and development of formula technology , to create a 2400 × 1200mm large-size dry-press porcelain slab. The product uses precious stone simulation design to reproduce the natural stone color texture, and the surface texture is rarely comparable. With all-in-one dry grain cloth technology, the anti-slip performance of the product is more excellent.


Large Format Thin tiles


The 5.5mm Large Format Thin tiles widens the field of application of ceramic panels, and can penetrate deep into the field of space decoration, breaking through the boundaries of traditional tiles, which is beyond imagination!

House Decoration Application


1.Wall And Floor

2.Wardrobe And Cupboard Decorative panels

3.Whole House Customization

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Large format tiles


The unique advantages of large size and high strength make the space decoration more concise, expand the spatial interface of seamless docking, and the application is more efficient.


All-space Integration

1、Wall Decoration

2、Floor Decoration

3、All-space Decoration

4、Background Wall Decoration

5、Countertop Decoration

6、Pillar Decoration

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