The large format porcelain tiles,Calling for your passion

The large format procelain tiles of products becomeing the trend. The introduction of large format ceramic tile further satisfies people’s pursuit and obsession with “big”. But this “big” does not affect the quality.

With the expansion of people’s residential space, the demand for space decoration continues to expand, larger, less gaps, or a more flexible direction.

Since the introduction of porcelain thin tile in our factory in 2007. Technological innovation has continuously broken through the traditional tile specifications, creating a new field of tile. Therefore, large format porcelain tile has been praised by many people at domestic and abroad.

In 2016, the factory produce 1200X2400mm porcelain tiles. The large format porcelain tiles, high quality and advanced technology made the tiles enter the “large format tile era”.


The advantage of the large tile series lies in the “big”. 1200x2400mm large format porcelain tiles carrying rich texture patterns and details, giving a sense of openness and extension to the visually present and showing a luxurious atmosphere. Large format tiles is especially suitable for paving in a large and open space. It is the choice of many high-grade places such as hotels, restaurants, clubs, shopping malls and outdoor spaces.

2、Easy to clean

At the same time, the large size is less used in general application than the general tile laying. The construction procedure is simpler and more convenient and the construction cost can be saved. In terms of care, because the large size of the paving has less seams, the place where the dirt is trapped is small. So it is easier to clean, and the ground is more polished.

3、Easy to cut

In addition, 1200X2400mm large size design can achieve multiple cutting, combination, such as 2400 × 300mm, 1200 × 300mm, 600 × 60mm and other common specifications. Thus evolving more possibilities, to meet a variety of cutting applications, paving More flexible, providing designers with a broader design space.

4、Strong physical performance

Advanced technology introduced by the factory makes the porcelain product have higher density and lower water absorption rate. Large format porcelain tiles has better shock resistance, better physical performance and higher added value, which brings greater Economic benefits. In addition, while the product is “big”, it is also satisfactory for the design of the color. Large format porcelain tiles are using the world’s rare and precious stone simulation design, one-to-one reduction of stone color texture, physical performance is better.

Large format tiles make it easier to design and create different design styles. The application creative space is broader. In addition,our large size tiles are 900x1800mm, 1500x1500mm and 1200x2400mm and so on. large format tile is the best choice for our floor tiles and wall tiles.

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