Slim porcelain tile interior wall and floor decoration


1、Slim porcelain tile interior decoration

The application of interior space decoration pays more attention to the expression of individual style.Different styles of slim porcelain tile can reflect different decorative styles,and the overall effect is simple and atmospheric. It has obvious advantages in indoor space application, rich in variety and various styles. The slim porcelain tile color has more than 95% simulation of natural stone, good texture and bright color.  Decoration advantages of the slim porcelain tile can reduce minimize loss of space area ,therefore makes the space atmosphere stronger.It is incomparable to traditional ceramics, stone and other materials.It have been well received by many interior designers in the interior decoration field.

Solve solution

1、Slim porcelain tile construction technology system (indoor wall application technology).

The thin porcelain tile method is also called the boring method. The cement-based adhesive is evenly scraped on the construction base layer with a serrated trowel, and then it is pressed into the adhesive by rolling to form a strong adhesive with a thickness of only 3-6 mm of construction method.

Advantages of slim porcelain tile as interior wall decoration materials:

  • The slim ceramic tile can reduce the self-weight of buildings to save building materials, create environmentally-friendly and energy-saving buildings. Especially for the transformation of old houses, the thickness of building it is only 5.5mm, and the bonding thickness is about 5mm. The thickness of the installation system is only about 10.5mm, which can greatly expand the building space and improve the space utilization of the building;
  • The slim ceramic tile has fireproof A1 grade, has strong durability, impact resistance and thaw resistance, etc. And it’s also has the advantages of anti-alkaloid and white birch, so that the building will last for a long time;
  • The construction method of the slim porcelain tile is simple, the follow-up maintenance cost is low. Therefor the construction cost is saved, and no pollution occurs during of the construction process. No harmful substances are produced after the construction, which is a real green construction.  

Product application

1、Stone thin porcelain tile

2、Solid color slim porcelain tile

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