Is it difficult to renovate a house? Actually easy…

With the people growing demand for a better life, More and more people are preparing to redecorate their houses.But at the same time,  the decoration pain points are prohibitive.

“Removing the wall and smashing the ground, the noise disturbs the people!”

Renovating the house, the original tile really only breaking?

In fact, no need! we can cover the original tiles.

The Realgres thin tile series of launch, With its light and energy saving, Diverse colors and convenient construction,Learn from others, empower the space, and easily solve the secondary decoration problem.

1. It is Ideal choice of the renovate house

1200mmx600mmx5.5mm ceramic thin tile have greater advantages in decoration than traditional ceramic tiles.

In the renovation house, if the traditional 10mm thick tiles and cement wet Paving wall are used, the original wall must be tear down, otherwise the space will be much smaller after installation.

The ceramic thin tiles with a thickness of only 5.5mm is half the mthickness of the traditional ceramic tile, and the thickness of the adhesive layer is also reduced by more than half, which greatly saves space.

For example, a 5m2 kitchen ceramic tile decoration can effectively expand 0.5m2.

The use of ceramic thin tile in the renovation of old houses does not require breaking the original wall tiles, and can be cover on the original wall.

At the same time, the thin tile is light, large, thin and hard, and the cutting is simple and free. The drilling is easy, and a thin tile can be laid on the wall in only 90 seconds.

2. Rich in textures and colors

With the advancement of ceramic tile technology, ceramic thin tile products are rich and diverse, almost covering the current hot-selling categories of traditional ceramic tiles to meet the diverse consumer needs of consumers.

The thin tile series, with natural marble, sandstone, wallpaper and other creative blueprints, uses three-dimensional printing technology to truly reproduce the original appearance of various materials.

Rich texture and color, to meet the needs of various styles of space decoration, decorate more different visual effects, and more widely choose

3. Start with thin and don’t stop at thin

Launch a 5.5mm ceramic thin tile to subvert the inherent thinking of people.

The ceramic thin tile is light and thin, has high hardness, wear resistance, low water absorption, good toughness, etc., and its performance is even better than traditional ceramic tiles.

4. 2019 the thin tile new series


The thin tiles are lighter in weight and superior in performance, and can be widely adapted to the full-space decoration needs of indoor and outdoor wall surfaces, creating a unique low-carbon light life.


The quenching-like color stimulates the visual senses, like the colorful clouds of the sky, evoking long-lasting romantic memories.


white of the bottom, the black lines are dotted, the decorative effect is elegant, closer to the natural stone.


The gray background, through the black lines, makes the space quieter, elegant, soft and simple.

5. Installation method

Tile is not a simple decoration, it is a home refraction and experience , carrying all the beauty and imagination of life.

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