In recent two years, 600X1200MM specification tiles have been expanding rapidly in the terminal market, leading to the trend of consumption in the terminal market.

Why is the 600X1200MM specification so popular?

We try to take REALGRES 1200X600MM specifications as an example to explore the advantages of the specification, texture, application, and scope of use, for you to interpret the 600X1200MM specifications.


Size Advantage

600 x 1200mm size is a rectangular tile, the texture is very ductile, the performance is more atmospheric, complete, single size large area paving, which will make the tile surface with perfect presentation, and create a design space style

600X1200MM specification tiles

REALGRES SOFT MATT :R12611,  To achieve one stone and 10 pattern on the texture, the expression is more abundant, which makes the space show a low-key luxury aesthetic feeling.

R12611 —10 surface element diagram of one design 

600x1200mm big size tile


Application and Decoration

The 600 x 1200mm size product is very flexible. It can be used in different places to create a more diversified space effect, to meet the user’s differences in demand, and to reduce the waste of building materials.

decorative tile 600x1200mm

The grand and magnificent Decoration . Floor tile: R12633, TV back ground: R12601, edge wall  on both sides: R12643.

wood tile 1200

Silk wood and ceramic tiles are cut into 200 x 1200mm, which are applied in the bedroom. The rose piece is used as background wall, and the brick floor is used to restore the natural texture of the logs, and the temperament is natural and comfortable.


Application Area

Floor and wall, indoor and outdoor. Compared with ceramic panels, they can only be used on walls instead of paving.
It is suitable for home space, such as villa, large family and apartment, such as living room, study room, bedroom, lobby, etc.
Large area of public space, such as airports, shopping malls, hotels, auto 4S stores, apartment halls, cafes, dry hanging walls and other space places.

Floor and wall, indoor and outdoor

ceramic panels

At the beginning of the establishment, Realgres enterprise focused on the R & D and production of 600 x 1200mm tiles, with the spirit of “one kind of specification for the world”, followed the product strategy of “complete set of product color system, diversified product structure, special product customization”, developed polishing brick, full cast glaze, antique brick, Large Porcelain Tile, Thin tilepure color brick and general body Stone tile and other full series of products.
The company continued to increase R & D investment products, product upgrading, making products always maintain the leading position in the industry.
The products of Realgres pay attention to the organic combination of art beauty, natural beauty and humanistic beauty, collect creative materials from the nature and people’s daily life, integrate into the artistic design of Italian style, and be rich in affinity, and are more in line with the aesthetic needs of the younger generation for high quality life.

600x1200 floor tile

Realgres 600 * 1200mm Create wonderful Space

Tidy Paving

The most common way of paving, each tile corners are aligned with each other, looks neat and beautiful, but also paving material saving!

1.single specification,simple color

Single specifications, simple paving , pure appearance, neat and beautiful, and space gives people a sense of openness.

terrazzo tiles

Modena series, masked terrazzo tiles,straight paved, effect is simple, atmosphere.

tile and marbles polished

Realgres Inkjet Marble polished porcelain tile, Amazon green, XM12106, bright surface, the effect is bright and transparent.

2. Mix Color Tidy Paving

Mixed color paving colorful forms, different styles


Realgres soft matt series, bright surface, made of white R12611+ black R12623 carpet paving effect.


misplacement and paving

The misplacement of paving can make space more leaping, and the space is more three-dimensional.

1. same item with misplacement and paving

600x1200mm marble look tile

Agrigento series of beige tiles paving horizontal dislocation, to simplify the interpretation of low-key luxurious texture.

600x1200mm digital printing tile

Modica series dislocation placement is very suitable for light luxury commercial space paving application.

2.Misplacement paving of different colors in the same category.

porcelain tile 600 x 1200

Catania series of different color Misplacement paving.

floor tile 1200 x 600

3. Different pattern mispalacement paving

Carara glazed polished porcelain tile

Carara glazed polished porcelain tile Q1262+, Dark Emperor, Q1276.

Cutting Size Paving

600 * 1200mm specifications can be extended to 1200 x 300, 1200 x 200, 1200 x 150 or 600 x 600, 600 * 300, 300 * 300, etc., or processed into special shaped brick concrete, so that the space is casual and fashionable.

1.strip, square and rhombus mix paving

Pure color porcelain tile

Pure color porcelain tile , bright surface, gray + white cut into 300 * 300mm mixed shop, mixed with 600 * 1200, the effect is simple, atmosphere, elegant and high-grade.

glazed marble tiles

glazed marble tiles are cut into different size and mix , which greatly enhance the sense of three-dimensional space and appear to be transparent and open.

2. Fish bone type, human type paving

wooden floor tile ceramic

Light and shadow wood series HG1203 type paving

wood look tile floor ceramic

Series of HG1203 shadow paving + French sand and stone series tidy paving

3.Different shape and size mix paving 

big size wood tile

Realgres 600 * 1200mm large size tiles,
An ingenious process,
All-match color, variety combination,
How to build, how beautiful!


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