2cm thickness outdoor floor tile

How the different between ceramic and porcelain tiles? You will no confused any longer.

  • We always have no ideas about how to choose a perfect tiles when we enter into a tile store ,and looking for some to decoration. This essay will help you to distinguish the tile from a professional view.
  • Ceramics are divided into pottery and porcelain, ceramic tiles are also divided into ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. What are the differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles?
  • I believe many people do not know. Next, let’s explain to you the difference between the two.
  • Ceramic tiles are clay and inorganic non-metallic materials, through a series of processing molding, sintering and other processes to produce a product with a certain shape.
  • Ceramic tiles are used for the decorative protection of buildings, such as wall-protecting walls, and floor tiles are used as paving decoration for indoor and outdoor floors.

The difference between the characteristics of ceramic brick and porcelain tile

  • The most significant difference between pottery and porcelain is in terms of water absorption. The water absorption of porcelain is less than 0.5%, and the water absorption of pottery is greater than 10%.
  • The difference between ceramic tile and ceramic tile is of course the water absorption rate.
  • The water absorption of ceramic tile is much greater than that of porcelain tiles.

  • The ceramic tile structure is rough and porous, and the percussive sound is low-key dull, while the porcelain tile structure is compact and delicate, the glossy surface is good, of transparency, and the percussive sound is crisp and sweet. In terms of hardness and strength, ceramic tile are not as strong as porcelain tiles.

The difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile decoration

  • In addition to their differences in characteristics, they are also different in decoration.

  • Which ceramic tile in daily life are ceramic tiles, such as polished tiles, ceramic mosaics, and most sanitary wares are of porcelain; antique tiles, crystal tiles, wear-resistant tile, and matt surface tile, that is, semi-tiles, the general tiles are ceramic tiles. More ceramic tile belong to wall tile. while porcelain tiles belong to the ceramic tile.
  • This is also based on their respective characteristics to select the placement position. Although the porcelain tile is stronger and more delicate, its water absorption rate is too small, and the adhesive wall is not as strong as the ceramic tile. The hardness of pottery bricks is insufficient, so it is not suitable for laying on the ground.

  • Porcelain tiles are exquisite in texture and varied in specifications. Regardless of their color, pattern, or gloss, they are all exquisitely unique in design and have a good decorative effect.
  • They can create a variety of style effects, such as European and Chinese styles. Style, modern fashion. The ceramic tile decoration is more of a natural simplicity, and the glazed ceramic tiles are also widely used in home decoration due to the increasingly colorful designs.
  • The above content is about the difference between ceramic tile and porcelain tile. In general, the biggest difference between the two is the difference in water absorption and decorative effect. I hope this article can help you to distinguish between the two!
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