Why so many people choose The Full Body Marble Tile

Marble tiles are used extensively in decoration, and many people use it when decorating the walls.

In order to meet people’s increasing home improvement requirements, Full Body marble tiles have been introduced on the market.

After the launch of the Book of Changes, they were sought after by many owners. How about the full body marble? Take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of whole body marble tiles

Beautiful and generous
Now everyone’s life has been greatly improved. They pay more attention to the beauty of the new home.

Marble tiles have a natural texture and color just to meet people’s needs.

However, the internal structure of the marble tile is far from the natural marble, and the body and the surface are inconsistent and the decoration effect is not good.

The Full Body marble tile is produced in order to achieve the same color and texture as the surface effect, so it has been favored by the majority of decoration owners.

full body marble tile

The natural marble tile technology is not fine, only to stay in the brick surface processing technology, and such tiles are very different.

It is the same in appearance. It added coloring technology during the processing process, which resulted in uniform or roughly uniform colors for the tile base and the tile surface, which led to the pursuit of full body marble tiles.

The so-called coloring technology is to directly transfer color materials of different colors into the feeder through an independent channel to achieve a precise combination of primer and color materials. Ensure the matching of the brick surface and brick.

And multi-channel coloring, three-dimensional fabric process, making the surface more realistic. Body texture is even closer to natural stone.

natural marble

Wide Application

Although national marble tiles are aesthetically pleasing, if they are used to decorate walls, they need to be chamfer edges, bullnose, and other deep processing.

Therefore, they are very limited in space. In addition, almost all of the glazed tiles used before can not be used as a skirting tile, wave line. Or some special corner decorations.

The successful research and production of full body marble tiles can solve this problem well.

full body marble look tile

Wide Market

Today, such tiles are widely used, and the customer’s response is also quite good. Therefore, its market share is gradually expanding.

Although there are certain technical thresholds for full body marble tiles. However, from the standpoint of product profit, it is a good thing. Bring new market opportunities and future.

full-body-glazed-porcelain-tilefull body floor tile

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